Friday, July 6, 2012

To Catch A Writer

To catch a writer, you need to following things:
  • A blog
  • A pen/pencil
  • A notepad
  • An open word document
  • Cookies
  • A story idea
  • Imagination
  • A ninja
  • A butterfly net
  • Marshmallows (bait)
And welcome to the blog! :D


  1. But what about a butterfly net, glitter, and huggies?

    *smiles hopefully while posed to capture Sam with her trusty butterfly net and ti hug him*

  2. FTW SAM! EPICA AS ALWAYS! This is so stylish, a work of art! I am glad you shared your handiwork! BRAVO! Alos love your clever first post. XD *hugs*
    (By the way, what do we do once we have captured a writer?)

    *knows that she would noogie and huggie them but not sure what else*
    Make cookies?