Friday, February 8, 2013

Epiphany (maybe?)

I want to do more with my poetry. I want to write it more. And let it be seen more . . . because it’s a brilliant way to let off steam, or just to let your feelings out. Some of my poetry has been rubbish. And I mean R-U-B-B-I-S-H  rubbish. But it got my thoughts and my feelings out, and made me feel better.
So I’m gonna write it more. Yup.

I just looked on my computer and found the first poem I ever wrote. Ever! Here it is:
Assassins Die, Death Screams

He walked along the narrow bridge
Looking for his kill
There she was
In all God’s beauty
Crying out in anguish.

He snuck around the few trees still standing
His long hands curling, unfurling the death of more trees
The woman looks to him, eyes longing for forgiveness
He cannot do this, his own pride and joy
Yet he gathered the shadows, and swung them with glee.

She shrieks as they strike her
Piercing her soul
She writhes in agony
Her body lurching
She sees him come close. Death.

He screams at the loss
His own killing machine
How could he do it
Again and again?

A new name on the list. Kill.

That was my first ever bit of poetry, and you know why I wrote it? I was depressed. Severely. And writing normally just wouldn’t help me and I didn’t know what to do—so I randomly wrote the first line of the poem, hoping that this story would finally help . . . and then it turned into a poem because I accidentally pressed the ‘Enter’ button. And thus my poetry was born.

So, as I step up a level in my poetry, why not starts your journey with your own . . . what’ve you got to lose?


  1. I rememeber this! :D I loved it then and love it still! I am so glad you are going to write more poetry and let us read them. :D
    I never thought any of your work was rubbish. I treasure them.
    I can't wait for more!

  2. Nice! My first poem was WAY worse... And to think I was proud of it O_o

    Lol, but I agree. Poetry is a great way to just... talk. It could even be an insignificant thing, but the fact that you noticed it, and poetry lines pop into your had :D

    1. *head

      ~points at the fog of weariness enveloping my mind~

      Blame it on that irritating mass xD