Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini-Tip Monday: Outlines

*I started a new thing (that probably won't last). It's called Mini-Tip Monday.*

I didn't outline before--I thought it meaningless and felt it took the freedom away. Then I realized I never finished anything (only one novel of utter garbage. And I can honestly say it was utter garbage because I read over it the last day).

I then found a blog by an Inkie (click here) and found that post I just linked. I started using the second method (chapter number, word count goal, sentence about chapter) and it helped so much. That's why I think outlining is brilliant now. I use it for everything now and it's crazy how much writing I've gotten done since I started. (I started only a few days ago and it's already gotten me out of my writing funk.)

In other news, I've started writing BLIND again because of said way to outline and omigoshit'ssofun! Which is why it's been added back on the Projects page.

Good luck with your writing!


  1. Hmm... I always agreed that outlining wasn't very good, but I'll try to give it shot.

    1. And thanks for removing the word verification thingie! xD